【Mar. 3rd】 FY2016 the 3rd Leadership Seminar was held successfully.

FY2016 the 3rd Leadership Seminar

FY2016 the 3rd Leadership Seminar was held successfully.

We invited a lecturer from the Nuclear Regulation Authority to give a lecture entitled the “Work of the Nuclear Regulation Authority, IRRS (Integrated Regulatory Review Service), to be held in January, 2016 by the IAEA, and measures to be taken including legislative amendments” at the 3rd Leadership Seminar on March 3th, 2017. There were 33 participants in total, which included 19 students from the Phoenix program, 2 graduate students from other programs, as well as 12 faculty and staff.

Having been invited by the Japanese government, the Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) mission – with experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency team – occurred in January last year. They also carried out a peer review mission to assess the Japanese regulatory framework for nuclear and radiation safety.

During the seminar, the presenter explained about the mission of the IRRS, earlier self-evaluations by the NRA, the findings of these evaluations, and the identified issues. He then also explained that they were currently working on a review of the regulations.

In the Q&A session, some participants with different areas of specialization asked about the Nuclear Regulation Authority and its role related to jobs, not strictly related to the seminar’s theme, but more specifically based on their personal awareness of the issues. It was an excellent opportunity for cross-sector communication.