Activity Reports

-Activity Reports

Radiation Disaster Recovery Studies papers

“Radiation Disaster Recovery Studies ” is the subject which is regarded as the culmination of studies in this program. Students will set up tasks based on knowledge and skills acquired through previous lectures and course work and write a report on the subject (“Radiation Disaster Recovery Studies” papers).

・Radiation Disaster Recovery Studies papers(Momo Takada:Radioactivity Environmental Protection Course graduate)
・Radiation Disaster Recovery Studies papers(Hirotaka Nakatao:Radiation Disaster Medicine Course graduate)
Radiation Disaster Recovery Studies papers(Uranchimeg Tsegmed:Radiation Disaster Medicine Course graduate)
・Radiation Disaster Recovery Studies papers(ROYBA EKATERINA:Radiation Disaster Medicine Course graduate)
・Radiation Disaster Recovery Studies papers(LIN YEN HWA:Radiation Disaster Medicine Course graduate)
・Radiation Disaster Recovery Studies papers(OBA YURIKA:Radioactivity Environmental Protection Course graduate)
・Radiation Disaster Recovery Studies papers(WIM IKBAL NURSAL:Radioactivity Environmental Protection Course graduate)
・Radiation Disaster Recovery Studies papers(NABAE YASUSHI:Radioactivity Environmental Protection Course graduate)
・Radiation Disaster Recovery Studies papers(MORIYAMA NOBUAKI:Radioactivity Social Recovery Course)
Radiation Disaster Recovery Studies papers(HO MINH VAN:Radiation Disaster Medicine Course)
Radiation Disaster Recovery Studies papers(NGUYEN QUANG TAM:Radiation Disaster Medicine Course)
Radiation Disaster Recovery Studies papers(CHUON CHANNARENA:Radiation Disaster Medicine Course)
Radiation Disaster Recovery Studies papers(SHARIFAH NABIHAH BINTI SYED OTHMAN:Radioactivity Environmental Protection Course)
Radiation Disaster Recovery Studies papers(DO XUAN BIEN:Radioactivity Social Recovery Course)
・Radiation Disaster Recovery Studies papers(OOKI KURIHARA:Radioactivity Environmental Protection Course)
・Radiation Disaster Recovery Studies papers(FUMIE YAMAGUCHI:Radioactivity Social Recovery Course)

Results of students research (* program students)

Evaluation of ATM heterozygous mutations underlying individual differences in radiosensitivity using genome editing technology
Ekaterina Royba*, Tatsuo Miyamoto, Silvia Natsuko Akutsu*, Kosuke Hosoba, Hiroshi Tauchi, Yoshiki Kudo, Satoshi Tashiro, Takashi Yamamoto, Shinya Matsuura

A correlation between the transfer factor of radioactive cesium from soil into rice plants and the grain size distribution of paddy soil in Fukushima

Observation of radiocesium in seabed soil at the Notsuke Strait of the southern Okhotsk Sea derived from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant

Observation of Radioactive Cesium in Seabed Soil at the Soya Strait Derived from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Y. Nabae*, S. Miyashita, and S. Nakashima

Triple ionization chamber method for clinical dose monitoring with a Be-covered Li BNCT field
Thanh Tat Nguyen*, Tsuyoshi Kajimoto, Kenichi Tanaka, Chien Cong Nguyen, and Satoru Endo

Mapping of the cumulative β-ray dose on the ground surface surrounding the Fukushima area
Satoru Endo, Tsuyoshi Kajimoto, Kenichi Tanaka, Thanh T. Nguyen*, Gohei Hayashi and Tetsuji Imanaka

Estimation of β-ray dose in air and soil from Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant accident.
Endo S, Tanaka K, Kajimoto T, Thanh NT*, Otaki JM, Imanaka T.

Calculation of coincidence summing in gamma-ray spectrometry with the EGS5 code.
Kajimoto T, Endo S, Tat Thanh N*, Shizuma K.

Spatial variation in the 137Cs inventory in soils in a mixed deciduous forest in Fukushima, Japan
Momo Takada*, Toshihiro Yamada, Teruhiko Takahara, Toshinori Okuda

Simplified measurement method for dissolved radio-Cs in litter and soil seepage water using copper-substituted Prussian blue
Momo Takada*, Tetsuo Yasutaka b, Toshinori Okuda

Soil respiration change immediately after logging operations in an upper tropical hill forest, peninsular Malaysia

Spatial and temporal variations in soil respiration hot spots in a lowland tropical rain forest, Peninsular Malaysia
Momo Takada*, Toshihiro Yamada, Wan Rashidah Kadir, and Toshinori Okuda

保高 徹生, 申 文浩, 恩田 裕一, 信濃 卓郎, 林 誠二, 塚田 祥文, 青野 辰雄, 飯島 和毅, 江口 定夫, 大野 浩一, 吉田 幸弘, 上東 浩, 北村 清司, 久保田 富次郎, 野川 憲夫, 吉川 夏樹, 山口 裕顕, 末木 啓介, 辻 英樹, 宮津 進, 岡田 往子, 栗原 モモ*, TARJAN Sandor, 松波 寿弥, 内田 滋夫

Spatial heterogeneity of radiation emission on a secondary mixed forest floor in northeastern Japan after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant explosions
Toshinori Okuda, Momo Takada*, Toshihiro Yamada, Seiichi Nohara & Teruhiko Takahara

A practical method for determining γ-ray full-energy peak efficiency considering coincidence-summing and self-absorption corrections for the measurement of environmental samples after the Fukushima reactor accident
Kiyoshi Shizuma, Yurika Oba*, Momo Takada*

Radiocesium accumulation in the anuran frog, Rana tagoi tagoi, in forest ecosystems after the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident
Teruhiko Takahara, Satoru Endo, Momo Takada*, Yurika Oba*, Wim Ikbal Nursal*, Takeshi Igawa, Hideyuki Doi, Toshihiro Yamada, Toshinori Okuda

Sampling design and required sample size for evaluating contamination levels of 137Cs in Japanese fir needles in a mixed deciduous forest stand in Fukushima, Japan
Yurika Oba*, Toshihiro Yamada

Potential of Crowdsourcing Approach on Monitoring Radioactivity in Fukushima Prefecture
Wim Ikbal NURSAL*, Toshinori OKUDA and Toshihiro YAMADA

Functional Image-guided Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Planning for Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Uranchimeg Tsegmed, M.D.*, Tomoki Kimura, M.D., Ph.D., Takeo Nakashima, Ph.D., Yuko Nakamura, M.D., Ph.D.‡, Toru Higaki, Ph.D., Nobuki Imano, M.D., Yoshiko Doi, M.D.,

Accidental overexposure related to new radiation therapy technologies
U. Tsegmed*, N. Fahim, A. K. Batcha, T. Nakashima, Y. Nagata, M. Abdel-Wahab

The Microtubule-Depolymerizing Activity of a Mitotic Kinesin Protein KIF2A Drives Primary Cilia Disassembly Coupled with Cell Proliferation.
Miyamoto T, Hosoba K, Ochiai H, Royba E*, Izumi H, Sakuma T, Yamamoto T, Dynlacht BD4, Matsuura S.

Analysis of individual differences in radiosensitivity using genome editing.
Matsuura S, Royba E*, Akutsu SN*, Yanagihara H, Ochiai H, Kudo Y, Tashiro S, Miyamoto T.

Characteristic expression of fukutin in gastric cancer among atomic bomb survivors.
Pham TT*, Oue N, Yamamoto M, Fujihara M, Ishida T, Mukai S, Sakamoto N, Sentani K, Yasui W.

Geotechnical sealing material for coastal disposal facility for soils and wastes contaminated by radioactive cesium
Takashi Tsuchida, Hiroki Murakami, Ooki Kurihara*, A. M. R. G. Athapaththu, Yuichi Tanaka & Kazuhiko Ueno

Spontaneous Facial Expressions Are Different from Posed Facial Expressions: Morphological Properties and Dynamic Sequences
Shushi Namba & Shoko Makihara & Russell S. Kabir* & Makoto Miyatani & Takashi Nakao

Spontaneous Facial Actions Map onto Emotional Experiences in a Non-social Context: Toward a Component-Based Approach
Shushi Namba, Russell S. Kabir*, Makoto Miyatani and Takashi Nakao