What goal is this program aiming at?

In the 21st Century, the system for ensuring radiation safety is fragile, while the use of radiation in medicine and industry, as well as nuclear power development is accelerating. Furthermore, the political and social instability of recent years raises the potential threat of nuclear terrorism. As a result of these global changes, there is an urgent need for leaders who can direct the recovery in a situation of nuclear disaster or nuclear terrorism, and who can optimize the radiation safety and protection.

With this education program, Hiroshima University aims to foster such global leaders (Phoenix Leaders) who will have the determination and sound judgment to take the optimal actions in response to radiation disasters, and to direct the recovery under a clear radiation response philosophy. In designing this education program, we were guided by our experience and lessons learnt from Hiroshima University’s involvement in the city’s recovery from the Atomic bomb. The program’s focus is “Radiation Disaster Recovery Studies” – an interdisciplinary field encompassing relevant knowledge from the fields of medical science, environmental studies, engineering, physics, sociology, pedagogy and psychology. From the basis of “Radiation Disaster Recovery Studies”, this program prepares “personnel for protecting lives from radiation disaster,” “personnel for protecting the environment from radioactivity” and “personnel for supporting child rearing and protecting communities from radiation disasters.”

By preparing highly skilled personnel this program will contribute to establishing new leadership standards in radiation disaster response and will build 21st Century model for radiation safety.