Student Support

Financial Support for Students

Students enrolled in the Phoenix Leader Education Program will receive the following financial support: If a student withdraws from this program before completion, the financial support shall be discontinued at the time of the student’s withdrawal.

 (1) The Grant without repayment requirement (from 180,000 yen to 200,000 yen / month: estimated)

*Note1: Students who are receiving other scholarships etc. may not be able to receive (1). (Japanese Government Scholarship Students and other students who receive scholarships must select whether to receive (1) or their existing scholarship.) Students who do not receive the Grant will receive the following financial support:

(1) Exemption from the admission fee
(2) Exemption from the tuition fee

*Note 2: Students who receive the Grant without repayment requirement are obliged to dedicate themselves to this program. In this regard, in principle, such students are not allowed to engage in part-time jobs, etc.

*Note 3: The amount of the Grant without repayment requirement is revised every semester, based on the evaluations, such as academic performance and progress toward the completion of the program.

*Note 4: Based on the university’s regulations, there are cases where the amount of the Grant without repayment requirement may be reduced or the provision of the Grant may be suspended.

*Note 5: The Grant is subject to taxation (income tax, resident tax).  Recipients are required to be enrolled in National Health Insurance and National Pension Plan.

(2) Other expenses that may be necessary for students to conduct their studies will be provided within the amount set by this program.

The above financial support (1) and (2) is as of February 1, 2017 and is subject to change.
The above financial support (1) and (2) will come to an end on March 31, 2018. 
(The financial support after April 1, 2018 has not yet been confirmed.)


Study, Research Support

In order to ensure a productive environment where students are able to concentrate on research work the following systems have been established:

– ‘e-portfolio’ to guarantee the quality of the education program – Mentoring by faculty members/ senior students / office staff – Career seminars by active global leaders of various fields – Multiple supervisors system (to support interdisciplinary research)

List of grant receiving students (Japanese only)

Grant receiving students list (Oct. 2016 – Mar. 2017)