【Jan. 18th】FY2016 the 2nd Leadership Seminar was held

Hiroshima University Graduate School
Phoenix Leader Education Program for Renaissance from Radiation Disaster

FY2016 the 2nd Leadership Seminar was held successfully

Dr. Jacques Lochard, Vice chairperson of ICRP Main Commission and visiting professor at Hiroshima University, gave an inspiring lecture entitled “My experience with the post-accident situations of Chernobyl and Fukushima” at the 2nd Leadership Seminar on January 18th, 2017. There were 29 participants in total, including 23 students from the Phoenix program, one student from the TAOYAKA program, and 5 faculty and staff.

As the director of CEPN at the time, since 1989, Dr. Jacques Lochard has been involved in EC (European Commission) and several international projects lead by IAEA after the Chernobyl accident. He has been supporting the community as well as studying the contaminated areas and the physical, mental and social impacts on the residents. Since the nuclear accident occurred in Fukushima, he has been helping the residents by ICRP Dialogue rebuild their living in the affected areas.

The participants learned a lot from the experienced lecturer, such as international cooperation system and interdisciplinary expert network, which are crucial for the recovery from radiation disaster. As a result, they had active discussion.


Lecture by Professor Lochard